Monday, 1 November 2010

Sloe Gin and....

....Rosehip Gin?

For years I have been meaning to make some sloe gin.....this year I finally got round to doing it...and as I also wanted to make something with Rosehips, I botteld up some Rosehips too.

I gave them the same treatment as the sloes and we shall see what happens..... The Rosehip Gin - LOVE the name! I'd love it if it turned out nice! - was inspired by Moni and her grandmother's Rosehip Liqueur.

For now the bottles are sitting on my larder shelf and I turn them upside down every now and again (and love watching the sloes/rosehips tumble in the lazy, almost oil like, clear gin...).

I shall report back how it all turned out!


Nicola x


  1. Hi Nicola,

    It does not only look very pretty with the bright red and blue of the berries and the rosehips, the taste will be great! Wish I could join you for a glass.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. Hallo Nicola,
    sieht sehr lecker aus!!!
    LG Sabine

  3. Liebe Nicola,

    super Idee und so dekorativ, lach. Ich glaube ich würde da auch immer hinschauen müssen, wie im Kino.

    GGLG Anne