Sunday, 24 October 2010

Birthday Cake

I have discovered the pleasure of making sugar paste flowers (the ones in the pictures above are not quite finished) ..... I was making Victoria's Birthday Cake and had this vision in my head....

To cut a long story short, NOTHING I had ordered (ingredients, equipment etc) arrived in the right order or not in time. So plans had to be altered and the end result was not REALLY what I had hoped for....nevertheless - I did enjoy making these little hydrangea flowers....The cake - in my mind - looked a bit like an old ladies swimming cap - you know the kind? Often pointed and with rubber flowers on it...

Using supar paste was another one of those things, I was a little scared of...turns out, it is easy, and although a little time consuming and fiddly, very satisfying.

Sugar paste will definitely appear in (on) this year's Christmas baking....

Wishing you all a very happy new week!


Nicola x

p.s OH! Victoria did say that she liked her cake, the thing she was not too pleased about was the amount of candles....:)


  1. Liebe Nicola,

    erst mal ♥ -lichen Dank für deine liebe Zeilen...und was hab ich eben gelacht...ja , ich weiß GENAU wie die " Badekappen " mir Blümchen aussehen...hab in diesem Sommer auch welche davon an mutigen jungen Mädels gesehen, sind also wieder in....
    Aber was mich ja total begeistert, sind deine Blümchen...die sind handgemacht ??
    Da würe mir die Geduld fehlen...bist zu bewundern..

    Unglaublich schön sind die geworden und dann noch soooviele, toll ...und mit den Kerzen...
    Schön, wenn man jemanden wie Dich zur Freundin
    hat ( nicht nur backtechnisch...)!!!!
    Ja, der Garten ist fertig, große Schneideaktionen haben wir auf den Frühling verlegt...
    Und du glückskind kommst nächste Woche nach Malle ...und dann noch s o ein schöner Anlass, schätze aber dort bist Du nicht für Kuchen zuständig, oder machst Du die Hochzeitstorte ?
    Du könntest das...

    Wünsche Dir und Crumbs eine ganz tolle Woche, gestern <Abend sagt der Wetterbericht es kommt ein Hoch von den britischen Inseln zu uns...da freuen wir uns doch sehr...

    ganz lieben Gruß,


  2. Liebe Nicola,

    der Kuchen ist super geworden, wenn er so geschmeckt hat, wie er aussieht, yammi. So, ich zähl dann mal die Kerzen, kicher.

    GGLG Anne

  3. Hello Nicola,
    Your cake is so nice, it must take long to make all these flowers. I love the colors, they are perfect! Hugs Catherine

  4. wauw the cake looks very very very nice.... I hoop I get as good as You hahahahaha....
    have a nice weekend it's me the patesserie hahahaha !!!!

  5. These are VERY pretty, Nicola!!! I promised a Blog party last August - AUGUST! Oh, dear.... It has been a while and life has been a bit tricky but, as Spring is here and things are easier, I was thinking that I might make good on my promise. NOW, (this is why I'm telling you all of this...) I've had this thought, the whole year through, that I would make some very pretty cupcakes with sugar paste roses on top. Lavender is my color of choice and I thought that I would set the table in front of the lilacs when they bloom (sometime this next month.) Then, I will feed the cupcakes to my long suffering family as a thank you for letting me spend time blogging and forever fiddling with my camera. I'm just intimidated by those sugar paste roses.... ;)

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